Hi, guys, and welcome to my cozy Internet living room!

I’m Irina, a native summer creature and a Bucharest based self-taught illustrator, always in search of new colorful visual journeys. My professional focus is aiming towards conceptual based editorial, advertising and publishing illustration, but I am also not one to turn down a challenge.

My style

The aim of my illustration is to tell the story. A story about a character, a place, a memory or an emotion. Thus, my style and my way of doing so are defined by counterintuitive conceptual storylines, fluid characters and atmospheric decors build up through oozing compositions, lively color palettes and textures.

Visual stamps

I am dreaming about traveling the world whilst illustrating it and building my home-studio in the midst of a summer garden, so you will probably not be surprised if luscious settings, feminine beauty and shapes, leafy greenery streams and some colorful vacation vibes will catch your eye.

Say hi!

I love getting in touch with anyone who stumbles upon what I do, so for inquiries, random hellos or chats you are welcome to hit “Send” at hello@irinaperju.com.
You can also follow my work and my daily drama on Instagram @irina.perju.
Just kidding, I’m hands-down one of the least dramatic persons you might (virtually) meet. And the posting thing may not actually be daily cause I get lazy with my Social Media from time to time. Working on that! So, basically, if interested in sporadic non-dramatic posts, follow me on Instagram. And if you have kept up with me rattling on about this so far,  you should reaaaaally follow me, ’cause you might be in for a treat. Okay, just erase that “one of the least dramatic persons you might meet” from your memory, would you?
See you around, guys!