Hello and welcome to my cozy online-living room!

I’m Irina, a native summer creature and a Bucharest based, self-taught editorial and commercial illustrator. Topic wise, my work includes personal projects and collaborations approaching themes such as lifestyle, travel, social issues, sports, mental health, interior design or fasion/beauty.

My style

The aim of my illustration is to deliver a storyline by visually highlighting a relevant concept through characters’ undertone or the mood of a setting. The blend of light and shadow, a vibrant color palette and the subtle use of textures are the most used items in my visual storytelling tool-kit.

Visual stamps

I dream about traveling the world whilst illustrating its most vibrant stories and characters along the way and building my home-studio in the midst of a summer garden. So it goes without saying that you will probably not be surprised if luscious, atmospheric settings mixed with feminine beauty and shapes, leafy greenery streams, moody cityscapes or some colorful, sun-kissed vacation vibes will often catch your eye whilst scrolling through my portfolio.

Say hi!

I love getting in touch with anyone who stumbles upon what I do, so for inquiries, random hellos or chats you are welcome to hit “Send” at hello@irinaperju.com.
You can also follow my work on Instagram @irina.perju.
See you around, guys!