Terms and Conditions of Use

1. General provisions

Cerdak Design SRL (referred to as „Cerdak Design” or „The Company”) is a lawful legal entity with
headquarters in Romania, Suceava, Radaseni, 3 Prunului Street, registered with the Romanian Trade
Registry under no. J33/1086/2017, with Unique Identification No.34639620.

The website www.irinaperju.com (hereinafter referred to as „The Site”) is the graphic, online
representation of Cerdak Design SRL, along with the offer of services and products. The entire content of
the online platform constitutes the property of Cerdak Design.

This document (hereinafter referred to as „The Document” or „The Terms and Conditions”)
establishes the terms and conditions within which transactions of any nature between the Site and the
user of the Site (hereinafter referred to as „The User”) shall be carried out. Furthermore, The Document
establishes the way in which the Site shall be used by whomever may access it. Accessing the Site
requires the complete reading and understanding of and the agreement to comply with this Document
on the part of the User.

The content of the Site refers to each element pertaining to text, images, audio-video media, layout,
coding, which can be found on www.irinaperju.com. Regarding the content of the Site ,copying,
reproducing and using the content of the Site for one’s private gain, without the explicit consent of the
Site, is strictly prohibited.

The images presented on the Site are for presentation purposes only.
Should the User not agree with/ not accept these Terms and Conditions, they are to renounce their right
to access and utilize the services and products offered by the Site.

2. Definitions

a. Terms and Conditions of utilizing www.irinaperju.com:
The agreement between any person, natural or legal, who visits, accesses or who wishes to utilize in any
kind or actively utilizes the services offered by the Site (referred to as „The Services” hereinafter), and
IRINA PERJU, as the lawful owner and administrator of the Site and the main provider of the Services.
This Agreement establishes the conditions under which a person may visit or access www.irinaperju.ro
and utilize the services provided by the Site in any way.

b. Service:

The offering of data and information access to users, by the Site as well as its third-party
collaborators through the Site.

c. “Denial of service” attack:
The interference with the service, network or server, pertaining to any user.

d. Cracking or hacking:
The unauthorized access to the authentication service of the User or to any other security services
of any network, server or user account.

e. User:
The natural person who accesses the services offered by the Site in their own name or on behalf of
another natural or a legal person, on basis of a power of attorney, for any reason, including for
posting content or to download, use, copy partly or fully documents/files that are to be found on
the Site.

f. Content:
Any document on the Site, as well as parts of said documents, irrespective of their format; such as,
but not limited to: text, graphic, sound, images, audio/video media, programs.

g. Third‐party collaborators of the Site:
Natural or legal persons who offer/ will offer their own products or services to the User, through the

3. Accepting the agreement

Accessing or visiting the Site/ any part of the Site and/or its Services, as well as any element of the Site,
amounts to completely and unconditionally accepting the Terms and Conditions, including any of the
provisions included in this Document. Not accepting this Document or any of the provisions expressed
within it, implies that the person in question must stop accessing and/or utilizing the Site immediately.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

The content of www.irinaperju.com is the exclusive property of Cerdak Design.
Cerdak Design gives the User limited access to www.irinaperju, for personal purposes – placing online
orders or informative purposes. The User shall not download the Site, partially or entirely modify it,
partially or entirely reproduce it, copy it, sell/ resell it or exploit it in any other, without the explicit,
written consent of the Company.

The database, programs and graphic elements are the property of Cerdak Design, or the providers of the
products offered through the Site, depending on the case, and are protected by Law no. 8/1996,
concerning intellectual property rights and adjacent rights, with the ulterior changes and amendments.

5. Adjustments to the Site and these Terms and Conditions

The Site has the right to modify or update its content, the way it operates, the type of information
displayed and the Terms and Conditions at any given, without prior notice to the User and without the
necessary consent of the User.
The changes shall be made known to the User through their displaying on the Site and shall be
considered as accepted by the User, provided they continue utilizing the Services.
It is the User’s duty to periodically visit this Document, in order to check the Terms and Conditions they
are to respect.

6. The obligations of the User

By accessing and utilizing the services and products offered on the Site, the User acts as an adult
person, as reflected by the legislation of the State in which they reside.
The User shall not:

a. modify, distribute, copy, send, display, publicize, reproduce, create derivative products, transfer
or sell any type of information or service obtained from/through the Site, unless it falls within
the Terms and Conditions or the applicable legislation.

b. Carry out or allow for cracking, hacking or ”denial of service” attacks to be carried out. Users
who violate the system/ network security can be held accountable by law, according to the
applicable civil and criminal law.

Should the Administrator consider that a User does not comply with the Terms and Conditions or that
they have produced or may produce damage to the Site in any way, the Administrator can restrict the
said User’s access to the Site, without prior notice.
Restrictions can consist in:

– Deleting messages which do not comply with the Terms and Conditions,

– The temporary/ permanent suspension of the User’s account and all information contain within,

– Deleting the definite options and prohibiting access to the Services


Restricting the User’s access may be preceded by a warning, at the discretion of the Administrator.

The payment of all additional expenses relating to the use of the Services is the User’s duty.
Credit card payments will be carried out by the User and processed through an online payment gateway.

7. The rights and obligations of the Site

The Site is responsible neither for any inaccuracy or error, nor for any direct or indirect damage caused
by the use of Services.
The Site, as well as any third-party collaborators, is not responsible for any loss of information or data
caused by delays or incomplete orders/ orders which do not reach the recipient owing to events
unforeseeable by the Site or its collaborators or to errors made by the User.

The Site, as well as its third-party collaborators reject any guarantee that:

– The service will be uninterrupted or without error

– Prospective faults will be corrected

– The service or server offered to the User does not have any virus or elements which may be detrimental to the User and cannot be held responsible of any action the User may carry out based on the aforementioned service/server.

Under no circumstance should the Site, as well as its third-party collaborators, be held responsible for
direct or indirect losses, owing to or related to the performance level of the service, the Site or other
websites pertaining to it.

The Site does not guarantee that the materials, software products and services on the Site are precise
and complete. The Site has the right to modify the materials and services it displays at any given
moment, without prior notice. The Site does not promise to update its materials and services.

Furthermore, the User is to keep their account details private, as well as the information they share or
publish on the Internet through the Site. The Administrator is not in any way responsible neither for the
information shared or published on the Internet or anywhere else by the Users of this Site, nor for the
consequences which might arise from an unauthorized use of an account/ e-mail address.

The User agrees to exempt the Site and its third-party collaborators from lawsuit if a loss (direct, indirect
etc.) arises or any other damages created directly by the Site or by its third-party collaborators, owing to
the User’s breach or ignoring of these Terms and Conditions or any other applicable legislation.
Deliveries and returns by the User abroad shall be carried out by the Romanian postal services.
The Site is not responsible in case a User fails to collect their package.

8. Mediation

Any conflict that might arise between Users and the Company shall be resolved amicably, through
mediation between the two parties. If the conflict is not resolved amicably, its resolution shall remain at
the discretion of the Courts of Bucharest, according to the applicable legislation.

9. Protection of personal data

Personal data is protected according to the applicable legislation. The company Privacy Policy is
available on the Site.

10. Utilization and responsibility

The Site allows for the materials on the Site to be viewed and downloaded exclusively for personal, non-
commercial use, under the condition of preserving copies of all announcements concerning intellectual
property rights and the original documents containing other announcements related to property rights.
It is strictly prohibited to: modify, reproduce, display, run, publicly share or use the materials for
purposes other than intended by the creators of the Site. The use of the materials on the Site on other
websites or on other digital mediums connected within the network is prohibited. The materials on the
Site are protected. Not complying with any of the present Terms automatically disregards the right to
use this Site and calls for the immediate destruction of all downloaded and printed materials.
The User bears the responsibility to use the service offered by the Site only in good faith and in
accordance with the applicable legislation.

Should the User have any queries regarding the present Document, they are advised to contact the
following e-mail address: hello@irinaperju.com.