Single Cover: Voyagers – DESH & delaney.

American Wine - Pix.Wine     Client Urban Waves (Music Production, Belgium 2022) Categories Commercial | Digital | Music Description Single cover created for ”Voyagers”, a song released by DESH & delaney. / 2022 Read More

Skullcandy – Mood Boost Campaign

Skullcandy - Mood Boost / "Feisty"     Client Skullcandy, 2021 Categories Commercial | Digital Description Illustration created for Skullcandy's "Mood Boost" campaign and their mission to help people who are struggling with depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts. “Because nothing changes the way we feel like music.” Read More


Podoaba     Client Podoaba, 2021 - a Romanian brand that creates flower arrangements and wreaths for their clients. Categories Commercial | Digital | Lifestyle Read More

Breathe Journal 2020 Cover

Breathe Journal - 2020 Cover     Client Breathe magazine, UK, 2020 Categories Editorial | Digital | Cover Read More

Fleeing Home / Ukraine – Glamour Romania

Fleeing Home     Client GLAMOUR Romania, 2022 Categories Editorial | Digital | Social Description Illustration created as a reaction to Ukrainians fleeing their country because of war. Read More

Cover – The Woman

Cover - The Woman: Legacy     Client The Woman Categories Editorial | Digital | Woman Empowerment Description The Woman, Spring 2022 Magazine cover. Theme: Legacy Read More

Breathe Magazine Cover

Breathe magazine cover (Issue 32)     Client Breathe magazine, UK, 2020 Categories Editorial | Digital | Cover Read More

Single Cover / Diana Caldararu – Once More

Once More     Client Diana Caldararu, songwriter Categories Commercial | Digital | Music Description Music cover created for ”Once More”, Diana Caldararu's first single release / December 2021 Read More

Return Trip Magazine

Fragments of time - RETURN TRIP Magazine     Client Return Trip Magazine, 2021 Categories Editorial | Digital | Travel Description Feature: ”Fragments of time” / Text: Alexandra Caprara Read More